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45 minute targeted massage (upper back, shoulders, arms, and neck; or legs, hips, back) - $50
1 hour massage - $65.00
75 minute massage - $80.00
90 minute massage - $95.00
2 hour massage - $125

*I accept cash, PayPal, and Venmo payments.


Policies & Conditions

  1. The therapist provides therapeutic, full body massages for the purpose of relaxation, and to treat the soft tissues of the body.  As a massage therapist, I do not offer sexual services of any kind.  Any solicitation of a sexual or indecent nature will result in prompt termination of contact with the individual.

  2. Massage can be a great complement to a person's health and wellness and self-care routine, however it should never be treated as a substitute for medical care.  I always encourage clients to check in with their primary care doctor to make sure massage is safe and appropriate first, or in specific situations.

  3. Please be respectful of boundaries! If you are ever uncomfortable, please let the therapist know. I will try my best to be respectful of your boundaries and make sure that you feel comfortable and safe, and if needs be I can refer you to another therapist. At the same time, I ask for the same respect for my boundaries, and if these are not honored, I may cease contact.

  4. Please arrive on-time for your session.  It's understandable if circumstances are out of our control sometimes (we're human, and I've been there too). Generally speaking, it is a common courtesy to both the therapist, the next client, and yourself to arrive on time.  The later you show up for your appointment, the shorter your session will be.  It is up to the discretion of the therapist to cancel if you are more than fifteen minutes late.  If you are a new client, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out forms and become acquainted with the therapist and the space.

  5. Please call 24-hours in advance in the case of a cancellation.  Sometimes situations are out of our control, and proper consideration will be given in the case of unexpected events or emergencies, but please do your best to notify the therapist via phone (240-215-5947) as soon as possible.

  6. A no-show (willingly not showing up to, or forgetting about an appointment) will still be responsible for the full amount of a scheduled session.  Payment will be due the next time you come in.

Evelyn Arthur massage therapy roanoke va
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