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Swedish/Relaxation Massage

A deeply relaxing, gentle form of massage that stimulates circulation and helps to promote healing, muscle recovery, and pain relief.


Deep Tissue/Combined Deep therapies

A form of therapeutic massage in which problem areas are addressed using a variety of tools and techniques.  Tight muscles or trigger points (often found in the neck, shoulders, back, and arms) are deeply worked during this form of massage.


Myofascial Release​


This form of therapeutic body work focuses on the fascia, or connective tissue surrounding and intertwining muscles.  As its name suggests, Myofascial release seeks to "unwind" tight fascia and allow for more freedom of movement, as well as to promote more efficient blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.




Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork that focuses on the meridians, or energy channels, throughout the body.  Shiatsu translates to "finger pressure" - certain techniques, such as palming and thumbing, are used to open blockages within these channels that can lead to pain and dis-ease.  Apart from its energetic benefits, Shiatsu also offers recipients another option to treat trigger points and tight muscles.


Hot Stone Massage​


This form of massage is extremely relaxing and therapeutic, incorporating heated stones into a Swedish massage session.  Apart from stimulating good circulation overall, the stones both warm and loosen the muscles, which allow the therapist to work deeper in a very gentle manner.  This form of massage is perfect for the cold autumn and winter months, or if you suffer from a "chilly" disposition.



Craniosacral therapy


Craniosacral therapy seeks to heal imbalances and realign the pathway between the cranium (head/skull) and the sacrum (tailbone) along the length of the spine.  Cerebrospinal fluid, the substance that surrounds and innervates the brain and spinal cord, not only protects these vital parts of our body but allows for proper communication throughout the nervous system.  Craniosacral therapy uses very gentle, subtle techniques to bring this even flow or rhythm in the lines of body/mind communication back into balance.

Evelyn Arthur massage therapy roanoke va
Evelyn Arthur massage therapy roanoke va
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