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Massage can be a valuable part of finding balance and well-being in your life.  However, as a trained and certified massage therapist, I do not diagnose nor treat specific medical conditions - I work with the soft tissue (muscles, fascia, skin) for the purpose of relieving tension and/or pain, and promoting relaxation and balance.  Massage is never a substitute for receiving medical care, especially under certain conditions.  Working together with the appropriate health care provider, though, massage can be a wonderful addition to one's health and wellness maintenance.  I am happy to help refer you to doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, counselors, or other healthcare providers in the area if you need.

Apart from massage, it's also important to incorporate other forms of self care (with your doctor's support, of course) to help you feel your best.  Whether that's walking in nature, running, dancing, weight lifting, rock climbing, cycling, hiking, kayaking, archery, martial arts, kickboxing, yoga, or jazzersize, find what's right for you! Here are some local resources for classes you might try, if interested:

Guiding Star Yoga Therapy (One-on-one yoga therapy sessions with Nancy Harvey) :

Grace Yoga (Hollins/Cloverdale) :


Tai Chi with Vinnie Dabney : Saturdays, 5-6pm at Associates in Brief Therapy 

(4346 Starkey Rd #1, Roanoke, VA 24018)

Roanoke Parks and Recreation (various fun classes! several locations) 

Uttara yoga studio : 

YMCA of Virginia's Blue Ridge: (excellent teachers, fun classes, warm people)

River Rock Climbing Gym:


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